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We Empower Your ESG Journey

Founded in 2021, ESGx is pioneering the way companies navigate the dynamic world of environmental, social, and governance (ESG). Our innovative ESG Matchmaking Platform™ connects businesses with tailored ESG solutions, aligning their unique needs with best-in-class offerings from our carefully curated network of providers.  


At our core, we are dedicated to changing the world by empowering businesses through ESG excellence. By streamlining the process of selecting and implementing ESG solutions, we enable companies to achieve optimal ESG decision-making. As a result, we are driving meaningful change for their employees, customers, investors, and neighbors. 


We envision a future where sustainability is seamlessly integrated into business operations. We exist to guide companies toward that transformative reality. 

What's Next for ESGx?

The same matchmaking algorithm we're using behind the scenes, will soon be at users' fingertips. ESGx Operating System: ESGxOS, will enable Buyers to instantly match with certified ESGx Providers, right-fitted to thier needs after inputting less than 10 data points. Stay tuned for out BETA launch this winter.

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