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The Portfolio Engagement Program 

Green Buildings

Achieve ESG excellence across your PE Portfolio. 

The ESGx Portfolio Engagement Program enables you to drive ESG performance across your holdings. By integrating sustainable practices and aligning your companies' strategies with environmental, social, and governance goals, ESGx can help you drive positive change while enhancing financial performance.  


Offer your portfolio companies tailored ESG strategies. 

Our ESG experts will collaborate with your companies to develop comprehensive, company-specific ESG roadmaps that address their industry challenges, operational practices, and stakeholder expectations.  


Enable access to
ESG solutions. 

Our ESG Matchmaking Platform facilitates connections to a curated network of best-in-class ESG service providers, technology vendors, and consultants. You’ll enable your portfolio companies to make informed ESG decisions and demonstrate tangible results. 

Mitigate risk with 
our stringent vendor diligence. 

We rigorously curate ESG providers, vetted against industry standards. Our matchmaking algorithm and ESG Suitability Scores empower your portfolio companies to confidently select solutions that align with their goals, mitigating inadequate solution risks.

Ready to drive ESG excellence
across your portfolio? 

Learn how the ESGx Portfolio Engagement Program can benefit your holdings. 

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