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NYSE listed REIT

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate
3,120 Properties | 100M+ Total Sqft| $8BN AUM 

Reporting on emissions and implementing carbon reduction strategies is particularly challenging for owners of triple net leased properties due to long lease terms and the arms length nature of the owner-tenant relationship during the lease.

ESGx developed the Tenant Engagement Program for the client to systematically educate and recommend ESG solutions to all 584 tenants. The program mitigates greenwashing risk for the owner and activates each tenants ESG journey.

ESGx takes the guess work out of finding ESG providers. Their expertise and specialized attention enables me to find the right partners to advance ESG initiatives for my organization and our customers. The ESGx team provides exceptional customer service and is an overall pleasure to work with"


Head of ESG

Sponsor-Owned Manufacturer 

Construction Product Manufacturing
26 Facilities | 150k+ Avg Sqft $800M Rev 

ESGx initially worked directly with facility managers to implement a variety of baseline ESG strategies. 

In Q3-2022 the company was acquired by a global financial sponsor with robust sustainability requirements, prompting ESG decision making to be centralized to a corp ESG team. 

Today we support the four-person corporate ESG team with best fit ESG solutions and recommendations that can be applied across their portfolio.

We’re a small sustainability team and previously ESG vendor selection was our most difficult and time consuming hurtle to overcome. ESG/X came in, took inventory of our needs, and started delivering immediate value to our team.


Global Head of ESG

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NYSE listed Manufacturer

Automotive Manufacturing
400 Facilities | 250k+ Avg Sqft| $36BN Rev 

Corpate team sets sustainability goals + metrics and takes decentralized approach to execution, with each facility bearing responsibility for implementation. Facilities’ managers feel ill-equipped and overwhelmed navigating vendor selection.

Carbon neutrality was urgent matter at their marquee facility and required by Volvo, one of their larger customers. 

ESG/X meets regularly with facility managers to present best fit solution providers based on corp. goals and each facility’s unique attributes. 

Every recommendation ESGx gives us is spot on. The solutions they’ve introduced us to have been huge for our ESG progress, we’re connecting ESGx with as many of our facility managers as possible.

They’ve done the leg work that would have taken us months or even years to do, in minutes and given us the tools to push our companies ESG goals forward.


EHS Facility Manager

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