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ESGX exists to bridge the gap between Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) solution Providers and End-Users lacking resources and knowledge of ESG practices.


Provider Solutions

Our ESG-solution Providers include, but are not limited to LED lighting, solar, waste diversion, B-Corp certification, smart building technologies, and anyone looking to advance a more equitable and sustainable economy. Our offerings for Providers include:

  • A network of End-Users who have a need for the Provider’s product

  • Advisory tear sheets and with bankable intelligence on End-Users for BD professionals

  • Insight into how the Provider’s products fill specific ESG goals

Modern City

End-User Solutions

We take a principal investing approach to activating your ESG strategy. ESG/X has the capability to manage the entirety of your ESG journey, and create the infrastructure needed for you to self-manage and maintain your ESG portfolio over the long-term. Our offerings include:

  • A network of best-in-class ESG-solution Providers

  • Technical expertise and advisory across all ESG stock elements

  • Business intelligence on your peers', customers' (or tenants'), and investors' ESG priorities

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